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240 Responses to “Tech Talk”

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Thanks for the info. See you when the mtgs start again.

Still an April meeting on the 10th!

Then comes the hiatus.

Hi Guys,
Looking for the web site we talked about at the Mac club meeting. Where discount items are found.

Already replied over there at the discussion page of the Mac club web site, but I’ll repeat it here:

Thank you very much for the information and location specifically for the Radius Thunder Video Card Drivers.

It’s a real help to have knowledgeable and kind experts nearby on the internet, thank you!


My spelling is getting atrocious.
Do I need a driver for the Radius Thunder video card?

Do a Google search for Mac driver Radius Thunder video card and see what comes up.

It probably should work in some fashion, but may not provide full accelerated performance without an extension. Also, the extension would help the operating system understand what resolutions that it would support.

Okay, the Thunder IV NuBus video card software is available from this page:

Direct link appears to be:

Question 2 was supposed to read:
Do I need a drive for the Thunder card?
And if so, how might I obtain it?
Thank you.

I now have a thunder video card running on a
Quadra 650. However, using it I still have the large display I saw with a regular hookup – in other works, not two page display.
1. How do I adjust the computer to
save the right screen display?
2. Alternatively, co I need a driver for the thunder card?
I was cleaning a Quadra 650 computer.
The floppy disk drive worked once then
gave a message that the disk is unreadable.
In hindsight, why didn’t I install the software that first time?
3. Can I rscue the floppy drive or do I have to find a new one?
I recall I was supposed to get a cd from
Logic User Group of all the technical start up software.
4. I didn’t find anyone present that month.
When would the next meeting be?
5. And could someone from LOGIC please bring the Startup Disk?
Thank you very much.

Can you explain what an optical drive is? How does it compare or contrast with other drives?
When I worked at the National Cancer Institute in the mid 1970s the computers came with OCR = Optical Character Recognition.
Do optical drives have something to do with this? Thanks. Stephen

Optical drive just refers to the drive in many computers that can read / write to CD, DVD and sometimes BlueRay discs. These discs are all read from using a laser beam directed at the surface… Hence the term “Optical drive”.

It is used now more often as a terminology so that one can generically refer to the drive without needing to specify whether the drive is CD only, DVD, or BlueRay.

Years ago, the drives were only able to read and not write to the CD format… Back then, we more typically called them CD-ROM drives. Since then, the category has encompassed so many more formats and abilities that it became simpler to just say “Optical Drive” instead.

Hope that clears it up for you!

Thank you – clear as crystal or as laser driven.

I wonder if the iPad has any advantage to anyone who has both an iPhone 4 and a MacBook Air? I have the iPhone 4. My PB G4 is dated, and planning to replace it with a new MacBook Pro or MacBook Air next summer. Why wait until next summer? I’ll be visiting my sister in Edmonton and at the Apple Store there I will pay 5% GST instead of 13% HST AND get my sister’s education discount who will “buy” it and give it to me as a “gift.” I’m soliciting opinions on whether it should be the Air or Pro. The solid state drive of the Air will be fast, but will not have room for all the data I will want with me and will have to supplement it with an external 2.5″ hard drive.

Go with the 11″ as their are a number of issues with the 13″ one, including the display.

Also, you could do a web order but with her address for shipping and such and so that should get you the lower taxes hopefully? That way, you could specify the larger options for the drive size. Also, the only way to ever get 4GB of RAM is this way as it is soldered to the motherboard.

Also note, the storage is on a stick like RAM and so it will be possible to upgrade it later to 256 or 512 GB of SSD storage at some point. Perhaps you could just think of that as a later upgrade. The decision about RAM has to be made at the time of purchase, however.

I was thinking of the 11″ Air and wondered if the $100 upgrade from 1.4 to 1.6GHz is worth it. I’d take the optional $100 upgrade to 4Gb memory from 2GB. Also the $79 external SuperDrive. Would get a portable external HD elsewhere. But I wonder if I should just get the 13″ MacBook Pro.

$100 for 14% faster CPU? I doubt you would ever notice that…

$100 for 4GB of RAM instead of 2GB? This you will notice!

External Superdrive? Why do you want to read floppy disks for? Oh, did you mean some sort of optical drive? Forget it… There is an option to pair the laptop to any other Mac on your network that has an optical drive and use that drive to read a disc. Good enough.

A 13″ Macbook Pro adds a lot of weight, and adds an optical drive that you don’t need. I say that, because it has been a couple of years or more since I last used an optical drive on my computer. It is just not needed anymore. Besides, the special optical drive sharing feature in the OS works fine. It was created when the first Macbook Air was introduced.

Thank you for shining some light on the world of modern possibilities. Who knows, one day we might just fly into the space of modern opportunities without killing ourselves or our concentration. :)

Thank you Mark
I suppose when I’m a Mac customer without the experience of a Mac Store employee
I remember all the things that fit together when I was working with certain software such as Claris MacDraw II 1.1.
I knew that everything was working together from OS 7.1.5 to MacDraw II 1.1 as well as the word processing programs, the 2 page display, the millions of colours, the fineness of the image for Graphic work, happy with the
speed of the Radius Thunder Card, and so on.
I was used to working with these programs and not others. I was happy with the output these programs produced and didn’t need thousands of bells and whistles that
just stopped production.

Like my mother – she looks at a computer screen and wants to write a letter. Instead she sees many icons on the monitor screen that don’t mean a thing to her. She just wants to write a letter and print it. Now she has stopped using a computer for the last few years because it’s just a burden.

The internet connected computer screen is a multitask hindrance to performing useful work. Constantly another trivia question pops up to detract your concentration. and I have very loud ear noise to contend with at all times, ie. tinnitus.

So like the millionaire who chooses to drive an old car that does the job, I prefer a simple professional screen to work with.

I know that Steve Jobs wouldn’t be happy
with a book buying ‘non ipad junkie’ nerd who doesn’t want to spend a dollar to rent or buy a book on screen which will increase his eye strain. Although the radiation question might actually rest with the old screen rather than the new – come to think of it.
I suppose we can’t have all we want.
And maybe that’s not entirely a bad thing
especially when the economy is being ruined by greed. :)

There was a 21 inch Apple Studio Display Monitor offered in the Beaches area for $10.00. I wrote twice and the seller said it was gone. Sigh…

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