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26 Responses to “Politics”

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Let’s see if I understand the logic of international politics. The US, Canada, and other western counties always want to support freedom and democracy. On the other hand, they support the dictatorships in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and other such wonderful “friends.” Then an uprising occurs in one or more such states and the western democracies are “surprised” and say “we must have gradual and orderly transition.” The western democracies are surprised that the people of these counties might not want to be extra friendly towards them when they take over, just because these same western democracies supported the dictatorships for the past 30 years or more.

So let me get this straight: The western democracies that supported the repressive dictatorship in Egypt for 30 years expect the people to be friendly towards us as they attempt to take over and to go along with our ideas of maintaining the same government “for a while” during “transition.” Logical, I guess.

Then there is our “Great Friend” Saudi Arabia (with oil) who govern with an iron fist and stone women to death (“but not too often”).

You are missing the most important point, Jim.

It’s all about doing what is best to protect Israel. Any more Islamic states like IRAN is NOT in the best interest of Israel and so therefore NOT wanted by the U.S. either.

Stable dictatorships are better for this reason than any democracy that might choose to become an Islamic republic.

In the long run, supporting a repressive dictatorship that unjustly treats it’s people (political imprisonment, torture, etc) is not going to help Israel or any other state. If you lived in a county that was a dictatorship, denying you freedom, imprisoning or torturing you and/or your relatives because you don’t agree with the leaders, what would you think of the countries that were supporting the dictatorship by supplying them arms and other means of to repress people?

I have faith that the majority of people want peace, not war. But be prepared for them to fight you if you support their despots.

What works in the “west” (and I include Australia, Europe, etc.) doesn’t work in a muslim-dominated society for one very important reason.

A basic tenet of ISLAM is that government cannot be secular but must be religious. For many of the countries that have gone this way, that means SHARIA law is implemented. Oh, and once they are in, democracy goes out eventually… no chance to ever go “back” to electing a secular government. It is actually in the Quran. Their core belief is that they must spread islam to everyone on the planet via takeover of the governments of each country, whether peacefully or by war.

Jim, the best example is Turkey… the longer time goes on, the worse it becomes to live there and be anything but a devout muslim. Read up on how the christian population there has dwindled as they’re harassed, imprisoned, tortured, etc. They are considered infidels and the ultimate desire is to purge the country of all non-muslims.

This is the case for essentially every muslim country out there. Without a secular government, you eventually end up with a sharia-based religious theocracy, like Iran. If that is what you think should happen to Egypt, then I have to roll my eyes.

Of course nobody wants a brutal dictator either… but that is down to the nature of a particular person. What is important is that the country’s constitution must insist that the government must always be secular (separation of church and state). This talk of letting the Muslim Brotherhood be part of any future Egyptian government is a slippery slope to a future situation similar to Iran. After that, the coptic christians in Egypt will become 2nd class citizens and eventually encouraged to emigrate. This has already happened in Turkey. YOU NEED to read more about this, it appears.

Don’t confuse a particular evil dictator with the idea of what needs to be managed in general for the government of that country. I don’t hold out much hope for Egypt in the long run, however. I can see it becoming an intolerant islamic theocracy eventually.

We’ll see which of us has the right insight into this situation in time, but I’m currently rather pessimistic.

Yes, there are fanatical Muslims. Just like there are fanatical Christians. But they are not in the majority. There are “fundamental Christians” in the US who would turn the US into a Christian state. But it ain’t gonna happen — as long as there is democracy there. But a state doesn’t have to be secular to be tolerant and free. The UK has an official religion, but all religions are free. Is Israel a secular state? It may be, officially. But in reality? But it certainly seems quite democratic to me.
In 2006 I had a tour of Libya as part of an eclipse expedition. It is a very despotic Muslim state. What did I see? Our hotel was a block from a large Mosque. The Imam faithfully called the faithful to prayer five times a day. I look out my window and see very few people stopping their activities to pray. A group of us head to the local market on Friday — the Holy Day. It’s bustling with activity and NOT ONE person stopped to pray when the Imam chanted. Yes, women wore head coverings — the law required it. Only a few wore dark clothing and the head coverings were about as “daring” as one could get. I saw women, in groups without being with “Their Man” shopping for head scarves and chatting with each other and trying them on. Our guide said they were asking each other how they looked — they were “making a fashion statement.” At the two airports we were at in Libya, they had Prayer Stations as required by law. I saw only one man use it in one airport at prayer time. Our guide, who was Muslim but with a western education said “most Muslims are like most Christians: it’s more a cultural thing that truly religious.” How many Canadian SAY they are Christian or member of a denomination, but rarely go to church other than for the hatch, match, and dispatch?

A religion-based islamic government is NOT a bunch of fanatical muslims. It is just the desired way that their faith implores them to function.

The idea that the government of the country needs to be based on the Quran in all ways of operation is a central tenet of the islamic faith. You need to understand that fundamental fact. I recommend that you read up on this.

From what I observed when in Libya in 1906, the majority of the people are about as interested in an Islamic government as the majority of the people in Canada or the US are interested in a fundamentalist Christian government. Any democracy MUST have constitutional protection for minorities if it wants peace. People will learn that. It may take education. As a Lord once said in England in the 19th century when the masses were given the vote “we must educate our masters” and the publicly funded education system developed out of that. There used to be fundamentalist Christian societies in the west of the past that led to horrors — usually NOT democratic. They had to end. If ANY country mistreats it’s citizens or invade other countries, democratic or not, then such countries will face sanctions, or war. Soon, people will weary of war.

Did I forget the TTC. they’ve been offering a senior’s rate for eons. I recall the day I turned 65. I went to the subway platform at Lawrence & The Allen Rd. Asked for senior’s tickets and the chap in the wicket handed them to me. My next question was: “Don;t you want I.D.?” He looked at me and said: “Na, its not necessary.” After looking in the mirror later in the day, I had to agree with him.

Senior’s discounts. why come out west, Jim. My condo tax bill out here in Kelowna, BC is $1600.00. But because I’m a senior (retired and retarded) and live in the condo, my actual bill is $400.00. Many restaurants locally offer senior rates, or days when seniors have special pricing. Locally seniors get special rates on the city bus routes. There are special cab fares for seniors & id you are disabled, the cab companies and city subsidize the cab fare.Some travel search engines off senior fares. some airlines do so as well. Shoppers Drug Mart offers a seniors day, one day per month, but their pricing is so high I don’t shop there any more unless its for an in house brand that I like. as you mentioned, CN offers a senior rate. Greyhound Bus offers senior rates. Most hotel chains will offer a seniors rate if you belong to AARP & or CARP. My experience has proven that just showing my passport or drivers licence will get me the lower rate. Parks Canada offers a senior rate at the sites I’ve checked. And last but not least, since I am a senior my car insurance with ICBC is lower.

Where have all the Seniors Discounts gone?

I remember, when visiting National and Provincial Parks in the 1970’s and 80s with my kids, I noticed the entrance fees schedule said “free” for seniors. I said “oh boy! when I become a senior I can see all these parks for free!” No longer. About 10% discount. I used to see “Senior menus” at most restaurants, and the prices were a lot lower — perhaps smaller portions — but they served me too much anyway. I haven’t seen a Seniors menu since — well, — I became a senior 5 years ago. On the first Monday of each month, Zellers still offers 10% off “most” merchandise for “those 50 and better” (young whippersnappers getting senior discounts), but exclude electronics. I noticed their sale flyer the week of the first Monday of each month has fewer sale items at deep discounts. Also, many times I’ve gone in and noticed some items I wanted weren’t available — but were on the shelf the week before and the week after.

The old CN and CP rails offered 50% off for seniors. Then it was regular price, but “companion travelled free” (a pain to find a companion). Now it’s a small discount IF you book well in advance, and space is available.

Bummer. Too many of us old fogies now, I assume.

– Jim

Okay, the insult to my intelligence by the travel industry is getting out of hand. It’s bad enough that the large-type cost of flights advertised does not include all charges, but when the “fees and taxes” is a LOT higher than the total cost, it’s meaningless. In the Toronto Star the other day, I saw a “Flight to Florida $2.” Yeah, and the 4-point type underneath mentioned Fees and taxes of $450.

I find this practice now developing in other industries. Next thing you know, we’ll see the current low-end Mac Pro PB advertised:
“MacBook Pro. Only $9.00!”
4 point print underneath: “Plus fees and taxes extra of $1402.37”
Call and ask what all those fees and taxes are, one gets this breakdown:
Research and Development costs: $800.00
Deliver and Prep to dealer: $100.00
Obsolete disposal fee: $100.00
Manufacturer building overhead: $100.00
Dealer building overhead: $100.00
Brokerage fees for crossing border: $40.00
HST: 162.37

Is Warp Six being “spammed?”

Heh… not anymore!

So, As a former “Hawg Town” resident, where is this mayoralty race going? Please do ‘step into this one.’

If Mississauga could amalgamate Toronto, then the mayor issues would be solved… while she’s still alive that is… (Hazel Macallion)

There was a funny cartoon of the liberal leader, what’s his name again, Ignatieff, right. Anyway, the cartoon was of him wearing a suit that made him look like a “real leader”. I can’t remember the details. The liberals can’t complain too much about Harper’s latest ploy as they’ve used it themselves more than once.

I wonder why this Pat Roberstson even gets a mention in the news. I wouldn’t even put a “Mr.” before his name, let alone a “Rev.”

Next thing you know big headlines will proclaim:
“Jim Low predicts the end of the world will NOT end in 2012 on December 21.”

Hi Deena, Glad to see you back on Warp Six.

Unfortunately, no matter how unpopular Harper’s proroguing Parliament is, the reality is that an election would probably result in a very similar layout of Parliament as we have now.

And, of course, there is the low voter turnout. Why shouldn’t it be low? After all, I look at all the current political “leaders” we have in Canada and… yawn…. Deena is right, “We need a leader, where is he/she?” We need some more inspiring leader, such as the author of “The Mating Habits of the Tse-Tse Fly.”

– Jim

I was watching the events today about Haiti’s earthquake and really felt for our Gov.General and her former homeland. I went looking for the geological faults in that area that caused it on the Net and in doing so,found this absurd comment at a time of such trouble:

What caused the haiti earthquake

The Rev. Pat Robertson is offering his own absurd explanation for why a quake hit Haiti: Many years ago, the island’s people “swore a pact to the devil.”
“Something happened a long time ago in Haiti, and people might not want to talk about it,” the controversial televangelist said during an interview Wednesday on the Christian Broadcasting Network.
“They were under the heel of the French…and they got together and swore a pact to the devil. They said, ‘We will serve you if you’ll get us free from the French.'”
Robertson continued: “True story. And so the devil said, ‘OK, it’s a deal.’ They kicked the French out. The Haitians revolted and got themselves free. Ever since, they have been cursed by one thing after the other.”
Robertson went on to note that though Haiti shares the same island with the Dominican Republic, it remains desperately poor while its neighbor is “prosperous, healthy and full of resorts.”
“[Haitians] need to have a great turning to God, and out of this tragedy, I’m optimistic something good may come,” Robertson said.
The comments drew a swift and stern attack from left-leaning groups and other clergy.
“Go to hell Pat Robertson – and the sooner the better,” Rev. Paul Raushenbush, a Baptist minister and a religion editor at the Huffington Post, wrote. “Your ‘theological’ nonsense is revolting. Don’t speak for Haiti – and don’t speak for God. Haiti is suffering a catastrophe and you offer silliness at best and racism at the worst.”
“Pat Robertson’s bizarre and offensive comments come at a time of horrific human suffering,” said Ari Rabin-Havt, vice president of communications and research atMedia Matters. “…They represent right-wing media figures’ willingness to use any tragedy to forward its own agenda.”
Robertson has a habit of igniting controversy in the wake of calamities.
After the 9/11 attacks, Robertson said liberal civil liberties groups and homosexuals were at least partly reponsible for the terror strikes that leveled New York’s twin towers.

So everyone is screaming because the Conservatives Prorogued parliament, right? So it meets March 3. So the opposition parties will then introduce a non-confidence vote, right? Then the government is defeated, right? Then there is an election, right? Then the results are almost exactly the same, right?

Please tell me I’m wrong.

– Jim

You are, Jim… I’ve already seen newspaper stories saying the Liberals have no intention of forcing an election… Their leader couldn’t win.

I don’t think forcing an election would be the answer. However, the arrogance of Harper is overwhelming. Do we want him to lead our country with his attitude? Can you call this proroguing a good thing for Canada? We need a leader, where is he/she?
Prorogue= does this mean Harper approves of Sarah Palin?

How soon we forget… Trudeau was arguably more contemptuous than any other prime minister. Has everyone forgotten the war measures act?

Hi Deena:
Been a while, how ya keeping?

I’m not sure, is it POLITICAL or something else?

Is this form of Warp Six “politically correct?”

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