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11 Responses to “Money”

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I posted Beethoven’s Fuer Elise Modernized by Stephen Vassilev on and had it put into internet stores via Tunecore. They made $33.00 for their work. I made about $3.00, which means $30.00 in losses. Now tunecore wants $20.00 for year 2. I had visitors on YouTube but I see a few sites with millions of visitor for Fuer Elise and Moonlight Sonata.
Does anyone know how I can increase exposure and traffic on the internet?
One singer went from 3,000 hits to 1 million by participating in a singing competition.
Any suggestions what I can do?
The youtube site is
Please enter ucicwc into the search line of YouTube. You can then click on the video. Thank you for your
attention to this. Perhaps this link will steer more traffic to Warp Six BBS too.

Talking about money, I’m getting all these emails from Toms, Joes and Harrys on how much money is to be made in internet marketing with what looks close to spam. You’d think from all the emails being written, that they must be making something. Otherwise, how could they stand it writing this stuff?

Jim, have you ever thought of using your Nortel shares as wallpaper? It would insulate your house and provide decoration.

One analyst says Apple is a bargain even at $214. Something about P/E ratios and new accounting rules. Another has a target price of $260 per share. Me, I’m too scared to buy in now… Perhaps now is a good time to buy Intel as they’ve just had a little dip.

Wonder what I should do with my Nortel shares?

Did you hang onto them this long for nostalgia?

At this point, keep ’em in case a miracle occurs. Although they are a penny stock now (I think), they still exist as a company to a degree.

Remember that Apple stock got down below $10 before it got to where it is now. We should all have bought Apple stock back then.

My theory was when the high tech bubble burst was “High Tech ain’t gonna go away and Nortel had the assets to hang in the longest.” Actually, I’m probably one of the few who has paid capital gains tax on selling Nortel shares. I bought after the bubble burst. Bought at $6. Sold at $12 (before reverse split 1 for 10). Bought back in at $2 after reverse split. That was the mistake. Maddening thing is, my “flat rate commission” with TD Waterhouse would be more than what I would get if I sold, so I might as well hold onto my electronic shares. Or ask they send to me as a collectors item. Can’t even claim a capital loss against earlier capital gain, as it’s been too long.

Hmm, it would be nice if I could edit my posts to fix typos after the fact. — Jim Ferr.

[Warp Six Admin — Administrators can edit posts after the fact]

Thanks, I fixed my typo. Feels good. ;)

Apple stock hit $214 this week which is about $10 more than its pre-recession price, as speculators seem to be driving up the stock price with the tablet rumours. Do you think Apple is going to hit another one out of the ball park, or will these stock prices vanish in a puff of smoke?

Jim Ferr

Funny, this forum (is that the correct word?) has new posts at the bottom instead of the top.

Oh yes, I’m kicking myself for selling Apple at $99.

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