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88 Responses to “General”

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Hello! I was hoping this would be an appropriate place to let people know about my new BBS system. If it is not, please delete this message.

The BBS is called WorldBankBBS and is modeled after traditional BBS software. It provides unlimited concurrent users, support for ANSI graphics terminals and much more. It has a fully threaded message base system. It’s still very young and development is active and rather fast paced right now. The software is open source and located on CodePlex.

The BBS can be reached at on port 6401 for ANSI callers. It can also accept Commodore 8-bit callers on port 6400 and plain ASCII callers on port 23.

I see we missed celebrating the 25th anniversary of Warp Six last year. It “went live” 1985 September 12. But maybe we should celebrate 25 years since the first Warp Six Dinner which was 1986 December 13. Oh, anytime this year, I’d say. Maybe Mark and I can have a Warp Six dinner in late June when I plan to be driving by his cottage on my trip west. Maybe at The Chip Truck in Kenora? Checking the history, I see the last Warp Six Dinner was 2000 April 30, but a barbecue was held at my place for the official decommissioning of the dial-up and Apple IIgs use 2001 February 4. Then on a Mac and finally on wordpress.

I wonder how many BBS systems still running are this old. LOGIC is older. Any others?

The only question… is the current blog site with a good comment stream still a BBS, the way something like the LOGIC BBS is still?

I suppose, since we’re still carrying on a non-live thread of discussions, albeit somewhat quiet, it is a BBS in a way.

In modern web parlance, it’s more appropriately called a forum site now.

Wow, it’s been, well a few decades since I’ve talk with your guys. Great to find you again! Hope someone at least remembers me…
Glen Lalonde

Yeah… name sounds familiar but was it only ever Warp Six or were you ever out to things like LOGIC club meetings as well?

We’re getting a lot more action than when we were running as an NNTP news server for a number of years…

Now as a wordpress site, it will hopefully have a longer life.

Heh… When you do a Google Search for Warp Six now, you get this site before any Star Trek discussion sites… I say that is pretty impressive!

Just checked… YUP, we’re still number one!

Yes I attended the LOGIC meetings some times, also got a few things published in newsletter.


Luckily, I bought an iPad recently. Otherwise, I would have been in the Main Street Library Thursday

I’m always leery of version 1.0 of any Apple product. Think of the Mac LC as an example.

Does that mean I need to wait for the 4th version of the iPad akin to the decent LC computer which was the LC475?

I think having the camera for video chat would be a minimum for me. I can hold off for more storage, faster CPU, etc. as well since I really don’t have a use case for one yet.

Hmmm… I’m drifting into “Tech Talk” territory with that reply and this is the General forum… Oops!

I see the Main Street Library “even” made the National CBC news. Being in the “Upper Beach” folks are too high-brow to use guns and use cross-bows — more “sporting” I guess.

hi Jim, I sent you an email yesterday after your Christmas greeting came in the mail. Somehow after reading it I ended up coming here for a look-see.

…and a howdy do to you too!

Now if you just got something better than that plain looking avatar!

They’re actually called “Gravatars” and you can link one to your email identity here:

I’m here! Glad to hear from you, Ken. Jim Ferr hasn’t commented in a while. I keep in touch with Geoff, but he’s not on Warp Six and never calls the LOGIC BBS any more.

How are you keeping, Ken?

Hi. Does anyone here know someone named Ferr? Jim Ferr?

Geoff Gaherty?

Jim Low?

Talking about unnecessary messages. Here’s
a useful and practical one I hope you will consider. Jim and Ross from Logic – could you please read the message on Tech Talk about old Mac boot CD(s) and the man or woman of action that has the means – could you please bring such
CD(s) to the LOGIC Mac User Group on Sunday afternoon? Thank you very much for considering such a practical problem solving message.

It probably would not be Jim anymore, as he has moved away from Toronto and only gets back for family reasons mostly. Perhaps he manages to be there for the occasional meeting, but you more likely need to rely on someone like Ross or one of the other regular attendees.

You know, if I used the right email information, I’d get the right avatar! Fixed…

Well, Facebook is down, but at least Warp Six is up — the more reliable social network. ;-)

Ahah! Got it! Sigh… Now there’s all these unnecessary messages.

Hmmm… not that one either… although it has an avatar associated with it.

I’m on the laptop, so I can’t remember… Maybe it is this one?

I thought my avatar was linked to my GMAIL account. I had a 50/50 chance of getting it right. I guessed wrong. It was my SHAW account, I think.

Which is more of a surprise to Calgary? Sissons in residence or late April snow.

Eh? I don’t get the “Sissons in residence” reference… It’s either too late when I am reading this, or it’s over my head for some reason.

Do explain.

I thought we had to give something valuable to get oil from the tar sands.

It has now been over 3 months since the beginning of Warp Six BBS, the 3rd generation…

How are we doing?

Because it exists via a template, there’s not a whole lot of tweaking that can be done, but nicer templates come along from time to time… I’ll keep an eye out for any that work better.

I can tweak a few things here and there, but I haven’t seen any posts recently that request any changes.

I just received a Facebook Friend request by some named Annette Kucharski. Does anyone know if this is a relative of the late Frank Kucharski? I often get “friend” requests from stangers which I tend to ignore, but don’t want to ignore a request from a relative of Frank.

You can message them in the request before accepting… Or you could accept, then ask them in direct FB private email, then remove them if they aren’t related to Frank… Not a big deal.

I asked and found out she is Frank’d sister-in-law. We are now Facebook friends. I notice one of her friends is Sunhan Eren, who notified some of us of Frank’s death over a year ago. I sent my condolences then, but was unable to make the service.

Might be one of Frank’s relatives; I spoke to a couple of them at the memorial get-together.

Hockey Team Canada… please don’t make it so close for the next game!

Either that or give out special blood pressure medication to the audience.

How are you Bob? It’s been a long time, I feel like Rip Van Winkle who fell asleep in lawyer-land…

Ken Cohen

Be sure to check out the update to the Warp Six BBS History blog post. Scroll down to 2002 in the message to see the photo of the server that ran Warp Six before this current version 3.

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