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16 Responses to “For Sale”

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Here’s a photo of the box:Lost Treasures of Infocom photo

Besides, I don’t think we’ll see any of these publishers defending their copyright any time soon and if they fail to defend it, by some arguments, that puts them in the public domain anyway. By the way, I have the source code for Apple’s ProDOS BASIC Interpreter. I wonder if that is worth anything to anyone?

Hi there Jim:
If you wanna box up all of that Apple ][ stuff, and prepay it out to me in Kelowna, BC, we have an old Fire Fighter museum that is being set up in the old fire hall. My local Mac MUG will make up a display, we’ll put a plaque on said display with you’re name on it & find additions to add to these classic items. hold off on the shipping as I’m in my southern residence at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Any date after April 15/10 will find me back in Kelowna.

Hey Manny,

Sorry I haven’t been on here in a while. This Apple II stuff weighs a ton; I think I’ll hold out for someone more local if you don’t mind. Besides, most of it isn’t museum grade quality if you know what I mean. I currently have two platinum //e systems, a Monitor //, Apple //c, Monitor /// and some IIgs stuff which I’ll probably hang onto…

A little Mr. Clean Magic Eraser pad treatment and it’ll look like it came from the factory!

Actually, this isn’t really possible. I has been determined that the discolouration is actually due to long term effects of fire retardants in the plastic! However, someone has actually made a product to deal with this very issue! I came across it on the tv or on the internet a few years back. Not sure if it is still available.

Hey Jim, I didn’t mean to worry you that you might be breaking some copyright law by downloading Lost Treasures… the point I was trying to make is the actual box, discs and manuals have collector value of their own, regardless of whether or not you can download it and play it. The game I enjoy playing is called Starcross by David Lebling. I found it more fun than Zork as Sci-Fi is more my type of scene. ;)

Okay, my post ended up getting through — but it took a few minutes.

Ouch! I just typed a long post here and when I hit “Submit Comment” I got the next screen that simply said”
Error: please type a comment.

I guess my post ended up in bit heaven.

Sometimes one can find old software on the internet and it’s not clear if they have been released. How does one find out? I know the Apple IIgs ROM has no been released, but I have a legal copy that I got from my IIgs. I did a quick search on the internet to see if it was available to download, but all I found was one site that says you can download — but you have to become a member (and I ain’t doing that).

Could I “sell” my Apple IIgs to someone, let him make a copy legally, since he’s owner, then sell the Apple IIgs back to me.

I’ll delete Lost Treasures of Infocom disc images from my Apple II emulator if someone “in authority” (copyright holder, with proof?) asks me to. I won’t be playing them anyway — I never did get addicted to it like I did with Arkanoid II.

Yes, that’s the Lost Treasures of Infocom, last published by Activision. I don’t know that simply calling it “Abandonware” makes it okay to download and those disk images won’t include the documentation.

Accck! Is Jim Low on Warp Six right now? That post wasn’t there a minute ago!

What, no mad rush to buy this Apple II stuff?

Is that the same thing that can be downloaded for free at:

I downloaded the disc images, but looks like I’ll have to transfer to an older computer to open. I know that any Apple II 800k disc that wasn’t write-protected placed in a Mac with OS 8 or higher was unreadable in an Apple II. But I have my Color Classic with system 7.1.

Hey! I just ran it in my Apple IIgs emulator on my Mac Pro! It at least boots up and goes into one game I tried. I can’t attach an image here, but I’ll send you an email showing what I got.

Ask Jim about how well the Apple IIgs emulator works under OS X and you’ll know why!

For sale: The Lost Treasures of Infocom
Asking: $120 CDN

I have some old Apple II systems that need to go to make room in our basement:

Apple //e platinum with extended keyboard (numeric keypad) built-in
Apple //c original 128K unit (boots) with power supply
Apple Monitor /// (works but flickers now and then)

Best offer.

Jim Ferr 905-260-0667 is my cell. ;)

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