This area for messages from your administrator.

At this time, the site is “beta” and there may be changes in appearance or functionality from time to time but the messages are not affected.


1) Multiple pages mode currently turned to ON for more than 25 top level comments. I expect that will be a good compromise.

2) Sort order set to show messages in reverse chronological order.

3) Message threading enabled… use the REPLY link under a message to keep your post linked to the previous post.

4) Message rating currently set to OFF… a bit superfluous, I suppose.

5) True “POSTS” are for the Blog section. Everything else is just a comment. Comments are disabled in some areas.

6) User AVATARS (your account icon) are enabled. A silly one will show until you are a registered user and edit your profile to use a new one.

7) If you are a registered user, your comment entry box will be bigger and it can be enlarged. It helps to “Log In” before posting.

8) Currently, anyone on the internet can leave a message but this can be restricted in the future.

9) Related to item 7, moderation is currently OFF but can be enabled if a problem arises.

10) Several of our registered users are “Editors” giving them the power to edit or even delete messages.

11) Not a setting, per se, but private feedback can be sent to which is an account I have created and I will see the messages.

12) Rather that multiple separate messages in this section, this particular message will just be edited as needed when there is something to note.

This message was updated on January 24, 2010.

Your Warp Six Administrator


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