Five Guys Burgers and Fries (Canadian Edition) — A Review

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The Five Guys Burgers and Fries chain of hamburger restaurants has decided to expand into Canada. The first outlet outside of the U.S. happens to be in the small out-of-the-way burg of Medicine Hat, Alberta. There are more outlets planned soon. Even after a couple of months or so since it opened, there was still a healthy lineup for a Sunday lunch.

ACK! Some sort of American vs. Canadian confusion about what a “hamburger” means vs. what Canadians call a “double burger”… I wasn’t aware before I ordered and so found out that a “hamburger” means “double-patty burger” in the Five Guys chain. It should mention that up on the price board.

Anyway, not TOO much meat — I got through it… but not quite as tasty or juicy as the burgers that I remember from the Lick’s Hamburger chain in southern Ontario. Then there was the so-called “Regular” order of fries… How wasteful for one person as there was enough for four people. They really ought to have a “small” order available as well.

Okay, beyond that, the burger was okay — on par roughly with the taste of a Wendy’s double-patty hamburger which makes sense since both use fresh (not frozen) meat patties. The Five Guys burger was a bit drier than I would have preferred. The Lick’s chain in eastern Canada has it beat in spades for taste and juiciness. So, nothing so special that I feel a big urge to go back again. Now if there is ever a Lick’s franchise in Calgary, I’ll be a regular customer!

Fries: Way too much (I said that already)… However, they had a nice “potato-ey” flavour, although with a heavier taste than either the fries at Lick’s or the best ones of all in Canada which are from the Ye Olde French Fries truck in downtown Kenora! Those are quite different and in a whole other category.

I think the “heaviness” I felt afterwards might have been due to the fries and not the burger. I don’t know what it is about their procedure to cook them, but they seems a bit oilier than they needed to be… I’ve had the fresh fries in Kenora which don’t have the same heavy oily taste.

If I were to ever eat at Five Guys Burgers and Fries again, I’d probably just get the burger without the fries… but the burger is not a reason enough to go back for a special trip.

Now the pizza at TOP Steak and Pizza House… that’s a whole other story! It definitely is worth a visit whenever I am in town!


A followup…

It has been about a decade since I last ate at a Lick’s and maybe things have gone downhill since then. The comments would suggest this. That is too bad.

I have also been back to the Five Guys at Medicine Hat since my first visit and had the small burger (single patty) and a small Coke. The burger was still “okay”, but I can make one that tastes a lot better on my own BBQ using lean ground chuck. I skipped the fries this time around because of how much they provide, rather than any issue about the flavour. I notice that unlike the U.S. outlets which I believe still stick to just COKE, they serve many beverages from the Coca-Cola company including Sprite and all the usual options.

Maybe the Lick’s chain will return to their fresh meat roots… I really did enjoy their food.

Anyway, I thought I should update my original article.


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17 Responses to “Five Guys Burgers and Fries (Canadian Edition) — A Review”

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I visited the 5 guys and burgers for the first time yesterday and will be my last time. $15.00 for a burger fries and pop!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me!!!, think about it?? You’re getting a burger, fries and a pop. It was good but next time I will stay home and make my own burger and cut my own fresh fries. No wonder people are broke these days

I get the “little” burger, which just means 1 patty instead of two… and I skip the fries ’cause there is too many. I do add the pop. It’s now not too pricey a meal. I also have plenty of their peanuts.

Another time, I’d probably go in for just the fries.

I’m a big fan of Five Guys in the USA and was thrilled to find outlets in Canada on a recent trip out West. We stopped in Brandon, MB and Medicine Hat, AB. and, at both locations, got unmelted cheese on the burgers and burnt fries. Come on Canada, you can do better then that! We live in Kenora, ON and I agree with the person who said the best fries are at the Chip Truck in Kenora. I want to add Haps Landing to the list.

I was around when the very first Lick’s opened in the Beaches and the burgers back then were truly awesome. Even the buns were great. Unfortunately the intervening decades have not been kind to the franchise. With expansion the quality has dropped off markedly and I’ve pretty much stopped going altogether.

The owners of the Lick’s chain need to see this stream of posts! Perhaps they would “get a clue”!

You liek LICKS?? hahaha I dont think anyone goes there anymore< at least not in Toronto…:Licks burgers are total garbage..

It’s been ten years since I was down east, and so if they’ve gone downhill since, I can believe that to be true.

Back then, they were great!

Just tried it…utter crap…lousy burger…new york fries soaken in oil…the keg has a gourmet burger….id eat wendys over 5…bleh

I notice that the fries at Wendy’s are much better now, although I always ask for a fresh batch from the fryer, since they aren’t as good when merely warm. They are russet potatoes and they leave the skin on. Nice potato-ey flavour as a result.

KFC still has pretty bad fries, but mostly because they cook them up too far ahead of time and leave them sitting in the warmer tray. They tend to dry out and get tough.

Nothing beats the fresh cut and cooked fries from the chip truck in Kenora, however. Worth a trip just for the fries! Heh heh…

I think that 5 guys rocks this post above is crazy and completly wrong i have never had a bad burger there. the fries should always be more than you want and that taste is actual fresh fries not frozen processed fries you get at licks. licks has been horrible for years so actually try it before you start to bash good food.

I’m so excited about Five Guys in Canada. They are one of my favorite American hamburgers…In N Out please come too… I’m not a Licks fan although South Street Burgers here in Canada might be as good as Five Guys.

Woohoo, I am so glad Five Guys is coming to Canada. I have eaten at 3 different locations in Florida and love their burgers and fries. The beat Licks, McDonalds and Burger King. I will definetly be one of the first when they come closer to my town. I live about an hour from Ottawa and understand they are opening next summer. I can’t wait. They are the best burgers I have ever eaten

..and if you can’t wait, just make the short drive out to Medicine Hat, Alberta! Heh heh…

Lick’s has been horrible for years, unfortunately, and have closed many locations. And I’ve gotten ill from undercooked meat there more than once even back in their glory days.

Five Guys kicks ass. I’ve been in NYC and DC. Best burger chain on the east coast, and I prefer it to In-and-Out which is the west coast burger shrine. The fries portions are the best part (though there’s no point in ever ordering a large).

Writing in from Southern Ontario and anxiously awaiting the arrival of 3 Guys here! Not sure when you were last at Lick’s but a heads up in that it’s gone way downhill in the last few years. They’re tossing their frozen patties, that can be purchased at any grocery store around here, on the grill. Now serving up gigantic, freezer burned hockey pucks. It’s not the delicious, fresh Lick’s of old unfortunatly.

Just sent an email off to and we’ll see if they respond!

Well, we have more than a few of these around here (Danbury CT.) and unfortunately, this far outside of New York City, it is about the best you can do. I found the juiciness of the burger is related to what time of day you eat it. The closer it is to closing time, the drier it is. I think its a lot better than anything Wendy’s puts out. Sadly, it is not a Licks that’s for sure.

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