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I’ve changed the order of the forums along the top to be more logical. They also appear on the left side.

Registered users given “Editor” class access will be able to edit posts after they are created. However, this is a global ability, and so will be restricted to trusted accounts. You’d essentially be like the old “co-sysop” of the days of BBSes.

Currently, adding messages is un-moderated but this will be enabled if there is abuse at this site. Also, I’ve changed the posts to be displayed in reverse chronological order as per a suggestion of Jim Ferr. Message threading up to ten levels has also been enabled. If this is distracting, it can be turned off.

Currently up to ten messages (top level, rather than replies being included) will appear before messages get pushed to “Previous” sub-pages. This puts the entry box for new messages fairly far down the page requiring some scrolling. If this is found to be annoying, we can change to set how many top level messages appear on any page before older messages are pushed into “Previous” sub-pages.

I’ve also added an extra section called the Warp Six Blog which would be a nice place to add full POSTS such as a history of the Warp Six BBS, etc.

Jan. 11 — I’ve been tweaking a few settings and editing some titles here and there… Comments now named as “Forums” on the left side and Posts renamed as “Blogs”. This should make it more clear. Also, list of topic areas on the left side now matches the order of the navigation links along the top.

If I think of more to pass along, I’ll probably just update this message rather than creating a new post entry.


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