About Warp Six BBS

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    \  /\  / ____ \| | \ \| |       ____) |_| |_ / . \ 
     \/  \/_/    \_\_|  \_\_|      |_____/|_____/_/ \_\

Originally a dial-up BBS, and later a series of nntp newsgroups running from an old Macintosh computer, the Warp Six BBS now continues its life as a WordPress Blog site. A template was chosen that best suited a site that is almost exclusively comments instead of blog posts.

Everyone is welcome to post in the discussion areas on this site!


As a user of Warp Six, you will be expected to abide by the following policies. Failure to do so can result in the termination of access.

Warp Six is not a publishing medium nor an electronic newspaper. It is a forum for exchange of information. All such information will be deemed in the public domain, unless it is accompanied by a copyright notice.

The System Administrators are the persons most responsible for maintaining the System. When a situation arises that does not appear to be covered by the Warp Six Policy, the Administrators have the authority to take actions deemed appropriate.

All messages on Warp Six should reflect the purpose of the group; that is, the sharing of information with other users in a friendly manner. The message areas of this System are not governed by the concepts of ‘free speech.’ The System shall in no way be considered to be a ‘public place,’ nor a published medium.

Users will not hold any other user or any of the system administrators liable for the contents of any message. Messages must not be used to conduct illegal activities. Offenders will be permanently barred from access.

Other users should be treated with respect. Personal attacks or messages that insult or degrade other users or any identifiable group are not tolerated. Messages containing obscenity or profanity outside what is accepted in ordinary speech are forbidden. Offending messages will be deleted at the discretion of any of the System Administrators. Messages which berate, annoy, or constitute a nuisance may be deleted at the discretion of any of the System Administrators, without notice.

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